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Rempah Rasam (COMBO 5 PACKS)


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Authentic traditional food not just brings us close to our culture, but is also loaded with healthy ingredients prepared by our ancestors. Why you should consume Amma Sonna Vaithiyam Mooligai Rasam/Herbal Rasam?. Because it’s an Ayurveda Herbal Rasam prepared entirely with 18 types of traditional herbs and spices.

Our Mooligai Rasam is a bank of essential vitamins and minerals which are ideal for proper nutrition. This delicious soup contains variations of substances with beneficial medicinal activity including an anti-inflammatory mechanism. It helps to relieve ankle pain, ankle twist, slipped disc, sprain, backache, back injury, stiffness of muscles, stomach pain, gastric problems, rheumatism, inflammation, pain in the joints, neck pain, reduce swelling, increase the digestion, recovery from injured ligaments, broken or fractured bones and most importantly contains vitamin C and potassium, calcium, protein, iron and amino acids, which helps your body to heal and build muscles. It also contains antioxidants substances that can protect cells from damage and boost your immune system.


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